With Over 25 Years Of Combined Experience We Have The Expertise To Meet Your Needs.  


Brian O'Donnell - Owner/President

Brian O'Donnell has an extensive background in Information Technology with Investment Management. In 2002 he left the corporate world to run his own business.  

In the beginning as minority partner, he became knoweldgable about the pallet industry from the ground floor up.  Now as a president and majority stock holder of Pallet Depot, Brian is an on site, hands on manager.  He supervises all matters including shipping schedules and quality control.  His goal is to grow his buinesss the old fashioned way; slowly, solidly, and professionally.

Delivering quality products and rendering superior service, Brian welcomes the opportunity to serve you and invites you to contact him with your specific needs or pallet problems.

 Mark Schulcz - Vice President


Mark Schulcz began working in the pallet industry in 1997 and focused on providing pallets and skids to various industries in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland region.

He concentrated on helping customers reduce costs by offering alternative build styles for their pallets or skids, and by offering full service wood recylcing programs.

In 2004, he relocated to Florida and continued providing full-service pallet and skid programs, as well as a complete line of raw lumber products to large and small industrial customers.  Mark's focus is on establishing, building, and maintining customer relations, as well as ensuring that all customers information is communicated to the production staff.

In addition to ordering all raw lumber needed for pallet manufacturing, he helps oversee the operations to make sure all orders are correct and on-time.  Mark has a broad based experience level with all types of wood products and can assist with any need for any type of customer.

Our Operators

 All of our drivers and fork life operators are experienced and OSHA certified.