Not in Florida?  We can still service your pallet, skid, and wood needs.

Contact us for the details.



Exporting outside the U.S. on wooden pallets/skids?  

We can help with our Heat Treatment Chamber!

Heat treated pallets/skids are a safe, economical way of fulfilling all ISPM 15 requirments.  

We can also Heat Treat wood packaging components.  



Pick up, repair, and return your company's pallets.  

We can also provide on site personnel!



VMI programs are on site management of your pallet/skid inventory that is matched to your production and schedule.

This ensures maximum efficiency of pallet/skid inventory.



We offer a wide range of transportation services to meet your needs.


  • Drop Trailers - Full or Empty
  • Live load & unload
  • Van trailers delivery
  • Flat-bed delivery
  • Standard 75 Mile Radius Trailer Drops
  • Contact US for farther Distance Drops
  • Customized Delivery Solutions